Houses and gardens are places which need just about continual upkeep. In the United kingdom there are actually over 25 million households living in a variety of accommodation which represents a massive potential market to anybody supplying services or products. Additionally, new houses and flats are built yearly which increases this figure continually. (Check out Classic Clawfoot for information on master bath remodels.)  Home and Garden franchises chiefly concentrate on providing necessary maintenance services for properties and gardens. Some examples of the varieties of services offered are:

Utility Franchise opportunities

These are necessary disaster or maintenance services for example Plumbing, Gas and Electrical services. There are also Disaster Management franchise businesses which take care of insurance flood/fire damage to residences.

House Restoration Franchises

These are greatly attractive services for providing some part of your home a ‘face lift’. This might be inside or external door replacements and perhaps a brand new set of cabinet doors on your kitchen cabinets to offer your kitchen the most current look.

Outdoor Franchise businesses

There are a variety of garden upkeep franchise businesses for instance Garden Landscaping, lawn treatment and drive or passageway refurbishment/cleaning. It is possible to see that each one of these services are most desirable to house owners with a number of them being critical emergency response type services. This makes them excellent as franchise opportunities because there’s frequent demand for this type of work to be carried out.

To run this kind of franchise it’s important that you’d enjoy visiting customers homes and meeting others since you are prone to be in recurrent contact with them, whether you are planning a sale or whilst performing a job.

If you ever think that a house and garden franchise opportunity could be a very good option for you then its vital that you study your avenues properly. You can begin by reviewing some of the home and garden franchises you can find in online franchise directories. After making a short list, discover as much as you possibly can concerning the franchise you are interested in, their trade history, background and the folks who run the franchise. Then arrange to meet a couple of of the franchisors to receive some insight into their operations. It’s also beneficial to obtain the contact details for a few of their franchisees to get hold of a little 3rd party outlook on how the franchise system works ‘on the ground’.

Background and Business Challenges

This Woodland Hills, California-based real estate investment and management company was founded in 1980. It grew to 35 employees and focused on property development and management throughout Southern California. Shortly after joining the firm in 2007, their new CFO quickly identified four critical challenges within the organization which needed to be quickly addressed.

Payroll: The processing and production of payroll was being handled by outside CPA firm. The CPA was charging exorbitant fees for the preparation of payroll, electronic tax deposits, quarterly tax returns, annual tax returns, and W-2s. Despite the excessive fees, the CPA firm had no system for tracking vacation, sick and other time off, and the organization constantly found itself requesting information that was unavailable.

Medical Benefits: Any questions, clarifications or employee health benefit issues needed to be handled through an outside broker or directly with the insurance company. All of the health plan administration was being managed through the organization’s accounting department. This process was extremely time consuming and did not provide them with accurate results. “The process caused a great deal of stress to myself, my department, and other employees within the company,” explains the CFO. “I knew we had to make a change”. Additionally, their benefit premiums were extremely expensive. It was one more reason they needed to look for alternative health care solutions.

Workers’ Compensation: While they did not face excessive workplace injuries, there were several incidents that required attention from the insurance company. They found that claims were not being addressed satisfactorily from their insurer, and as a result, faced increases to their workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

Employee Management: Lacking a dedicated personnel department, the company did not have proper Human Resources systems established. Employee termination issues were not handled properly, many employees’ exempt vs. non-exempt statuses were questionable, and employee personnel files were in disarray.

“There was no way we could continue managing our HR responsibilities as we were,” says the CFO. “We began researching alternative HR management options. After extensive research we selected a local HR outsourcing provider to assist us.



For people who want a rewarding experience, who love working with children and who are keen on having a business they can call their own, the best answer may be a Little Gym franchise. Little Gym is a franchiser of child oriented fitness gyms which was established in 1976 by a man named Robin Wes. The headquarters of the company is in Scottsdale, Arizona and to date; it has more than 300 franchises in more than fifteen countries all around the world.

Little Gym offers various services to children and their parents; among them are developmental gymnastics, Karate, sports skills, dance and cheerleading.

The company aims to develop children from the ages of 4 to 12. The company is also known for its music which is created and performed by Little Gym Employees from all over the world. They also have a curriculum which is specially designed to build the motor skills of little children while having fun at the same time. Little Gyms are usually found in busy areas like business parks and malls. Each location has no less than 4,000 square feet of space.

Although becoming a franchisee is a good business move, it is not something which everyone can qualify for. The company has a rigorous selection process, because they are dedicated to maintaining their impeccable reputation. People who want to request a franchise need to fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire will be reviewed by the company’s selection panel. Interested applicants may also be contacted by phone. Selected applicants are invited to the headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona where they will meet members of the senior management. Applicants will then be informed if they have been selected as franchisees. Franchisees will need to review the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular.

Little Gym offers an excellent support team to help interested franchisees. They have a training team, a financial service steam, consultant team, curriculum development team, marketing support, human resources and real estate services. Personnel are to undergo a series of trainings to help them with their job requirements. Months before a franchise is opened, personnel must participate in two comprehensive sessions and must also complete an internship for five days. They will get to exercise their skills in an operational gym. The staff will also be trained by a Master Level Instructor. Even after a franchise has opened, the company will continue to offer support through their various local and regional training sessions which are conducted on a regular basis.

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